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Online Time Clock Saves Lots Of Paper by Frank Vanderlugt

Every year, countless person-hours and numerous sheets of paper are wasted by human resource managers or administrative support keeping track of time cards, project schedules, W2s, vacation time, sick days, and payroll. Freelancers or people who work for a company from home may run into trouble if they work at an hourly rate and no one's there to confirm the hours they have spent working.

What's a business or freelancer to do? Try throwing time cards out the window and start using an online time clock to keep track of hours worked at your company or on your freelance projects!
TimeClockOnline.com is one such online time clock Web site that can serve as the "punch card" system for both employees at a business or freelance employees and employees who work from home. For a fee, Time Clock Online can store as few as five or as many as 200 employees' data for a year, with special pricing available to companies with more than two hundred employees on request.
Time Clock Online keeps records of all of your employees' hours spent on individual projects and makes it easy to export the data to accounting programs such as Excel, Quickbooks, and ADP Payroll for easy, one-click payroll. You can even put a login screen directly on your company's Web site to make using your online time clock even more convenient for your employees.

Time Clock Online provides features to keep track of overtime, vacation, sick days, benefits, and more. Businesses are welcome to try a free 10-day trial before purchasing the online time clock system.
If you want to go one step further with your online time clock, try iEmployee.com. iEmployee has a complete online time clock system like Time Clock Online in addition to other human resources and workforce management services. Run your payroll and calculate benefits and expenses with iEmployee or continue to use the payroll system you already have. Keep track of employees' W2s, making tax time even easier.

If you're part of a larger corporation, you might want to look into iEmployee, which has served businesses with between 100 and 10,000 employees. The price for a complete online time clock and payroll system through iEmployee is likely more than Time Clock Online, but its online time clock services are more extensive. Sign up for a free 30-day trial or contact iEmployee to inquire about the monthly or annual cost for your business.
What if you don't need quite an extensive online time clock system? What if your business is extremely small, perhaps even Internet-based, and you only hire a few freelancers? What if you yourself are a freelancer and you'd like an official online time clock to keep track of your hours spent on a project for a client?

There are free online time clock systems that any business or freelancer can use, like the one at MrKent.com/timeclock or the ones you can download at FreeDownloadsCenter.com. These are very basic online time clocks that basically serve as an official "stopwatch" for your employees or employer to use when calculating hourly pay, but they're free and useful for any small business or freelancer.
Online time clocks are an easy, convenient way for everyone from individual freelancers to large corporations to keep track of the hours spent working. Free up your employees' time for more productive uses and let an online time clock do the time-keeping for them!



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